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Five week reading guide


Get a boost up!

Before you read any of the other stuff, you should learn that you really can become desirable. Click on these to learn why you're already better than you think, any why your recovery is not impossible, regardless of your excuse.

This section is seven days long. After each day, you should experience quite an ego boost. It's what I experienced.

Each day begins with a "must read" article. These articles, and the articles in all of the other sections, are not in their original order. The main bible will be updated frequently. This page will not be.

You can only add your bits to threads that exist in the new forum. As this page is created, links are updated in the main bible only. I'm afraid you and this page will have to suffer for now.

Each day also comes with one article that originally came with the "Read peoples' experiences" section. They do not appear twice, so make sure to read them!


Week 1: Day one

Pook - Kill that desperation!
Nine Breaker - To Anyone Who Lacks Confidence
Mental Man - heres something that'll make u think
Deagleclaw - For all the SHY guys out there...

From the "Reading people's experiences" section:
BigBill - Underestimating an old DJ WebArchive version


Week 1: Day two

Adonis - A simple and practical guide to an approach
stockholder - Face Off
swigue - My 3 month plan for success w/ women
Robert Jordon - Becoming a Rare Commodity can make you an instant success with girls!
terminator911 - That what you think about yourself, is exactly what you are

From the "Reading people's experiences" section:
indiorunner - true story about being a challenge


Week 1: Day three

Pook - Be a Man!
Drew - A game you can always win...
DonJoey - Next time you're too scared to approach do this..
The Writer - How to be Happy
DonJoey - Change your life today

From the "Reading people's experiences" section:
CHALENGE GUY - The manipulative, cold hearted man with tits


Week 1: Day four

Pook - Feeling down about your love life? Read this!
Nine Breaker - Winning And Losing
pulse - How to avoid an awful experience
DarkDream - Just Play the Game
chicago#1 - Self Confidence

From the "Reading people's experiences" section of the main bible:
NoMoreNiceGuy - It's funny when it's the Hot Babe that's all nervous and flustered!


Week 1: Day five

Survivor - The Relationship Begins Before You Meet Her
Robert Jordon - Overcoming FEAR is easy when you know how...
Pook - Keys to Don Juan
stockholder - The Vortex of Morphological Fields
CHALENGE GUY - Buried Alive

From the "Reading people's experiences" section of the main bible:
maranathaman - The MOST Important Thing!


Week 1: Day six

Paradox - On rejection
Nine Breaker - Change Your Perspective
rockon - "LOVE" is a four letter word: the MASTER of all advice posts
Ralfus - Sisonpyh is back
Giovanni Casanova - A Word About Success
comote - succesful people

From the "Reading people's experiences" section of the main bible:
BigBill - It hasn't been that bad.


Week 1: Day seven

DJBedford - Becoming a True Don Juan
Tantric - Confidence is the key to women, but control is the key to confidence
The Cynical Man - Different Type Of Advice...
Giovanni Casanova - Memorize This Phrase and Make It a Part of You
dorian_gray-from.usa - Homework for the New Don Juan

From the "Reading people's experiences" section of the main bible:
meathead - This conversation stuff really works!



Learn the difference: Jerk vs Nice guy

Chump to Jerk. Is it impossible to avoid? Learn more of the middle man, the good guy.


Week 2: Day eight

jesterguy25 - Nice guys get dumped?
Adonis - "Jerks vs. Nice Guys" Part infinity....
RonJuan - My Sh*t Theory
BigBill - Prick for a day
stockholder - evil ways
Giovanni Casanova - She thinks you're an a-hole, and then BOOM!


Week 2: Day nine

CoolHandLuke - Confessions of a Self-proclaimed "Nice-Guy"
BigDon - The "Nice Jerk" Primer
Pook - The Secret of the Jerk The most recent article from Pook. Absolutely massive.



Read peoples' experiences

Examples are the best teacher. 

Week 2: Day ten

WildThang - Death of an AFC
BriSoFli - BIG, important tip... (friends influences)
Deagleclaw - an excellent tactic
JuanWannabe - WAKE UP you AFC'S (part II)
DonJoey - Think on your feet


Week 2: Day eleven

BigBadJon - Getting her on YOUR turf
swigue - A realtionship is already over when... WebArchive version
spporter - Breaking Free
MrSassyPants - You wanted Drills? You got 'em?
JPFromTally - Never do this!!!


Week 2: Day twelve

terminator911 - Always take advantage of
LittleDon - The turn-a-round
BigBadJon - More club tips and tactics
JPFromTally - More of stuff you never thought about...
Pook - What I've learned...


Week 2: Day thirteen

Don Stefano - broaden your horizons
Sting - She Can't Have Her Cake And Eat It Too
Rico - The Law of Reality (Life Changing Stuff)
Deagleclaw - ONS rules
Don Phenom - For newbies looking to ascend


Week 2: Day fourteen

Hidden-Danjer - Friendship zone or hell? What do you call it?
Survivor - Forget About The Girls In Your Past
Anti-Dump - Never Ask To Become Exclusive
guitar player - Keep 'em guessing..
Man Of Adventure - DJ Quest Log (Things I learned So Far)


Week 3: Day fifteen

bondjamesbond - Good advice!
bondjamesbond - How I did it.........
bondjamesbond - The power of observation
AspiringDonJuan - Scaring women
Dr_Feelgood - What I've learned so far.


Week 3: Day sixteen

new_juan - An example of the possible benifits in store from being a challenge
improvinmygame - Technique that worked to share with DJers.
the prince - Proof that confidence is
tristan22 - A lesson for the clueless ones

StuartScott - Quick Pick-up examples for different situations


Week 3: Day seventeen

WildThang - 'Love' - and AFCs
BGC - Major Insight
extravaganza - How to get over your shynes. Concrete tips, no vague ideas
THIAGO BRAZIL - When you feel good about yourself the world will notice it.
Jake Steed - How to cut down on your rejection rate by 99%
Gipper - Pursue and date more than one woman at a time



Now get the right attitude!

People pick up on your attitude and mindset more than you'd ever know.

Know what the right attitude is, and implement it.

Week 3: Day eighteen

Anti-Dump - Treat All Women The Same (during the first two months)
terminator911 - Make Her Feel Special
stockholder - Ways of thinking
terminator911 - How to Handle Rejection From Women
MrSassyPants - Complaining, whining, and crying...


Week 3: Day nineteen

The Writer - Attitude: what to avoid, what to cultivate
terminator911 - How to Pursue Single Women
XANEUS - You've got a secret. . .
Pook - Patience: What truly makes a Don Juan


Week 3: Day twenty

stuartSan - Know That You Can
Robert Jordon - The Difference between winning and losing, is KNOWING!
krakhed - Make it Automatic
Adonis - Changing just a few words in your approach,
Adonis - "Motivate Yourself"


Week 3: Day twenty-one

milesman - How a Don socializes
Adonis - Be Selfish Agressive
The Wiz - On Respect
Robert Jordon - NEW Facts for real STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE!
CHALENGE GUY - My two cents on confidence


Week 3: Day twenty-two

Adonis - The real deal on confidence towards women!
terminator911 - Attitude
Hidden-Danjer - The Ultimate Don Juan: ME!
terminator911 - Set yourself apart from others
Krazy Delinquet - First Impressions Count WebArchive version


Week 3: Day twenty-three

Survivor - Why Self-Respect Is Crucial To Your
Anti-Dump - The Perfect Don Juan
PimpNHard - Wake Up Call !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AspiringDonJuan - The Last Laugh


Week 3: Day twenty-four

bondjamesbond - Laziness = Masturbation
AspiringDonJuan - To Be a True Don Juan
WildThang - Offensive vs defensive plays
BigBill - What is she trying to tell me?...Don't worry about it
trickynick - The Inner Struggle of the DJ Student. (AFC=Average Frustrated Chump)


Week 3: Day twenty-five

Sting - How much are you willing to pay for success?
DarkDream - How to Eliminate Desire
DarkDream - The Holy Grail of Dating
Powertrip - Touch Yourself
Giovanni Casanova - Memorize This Phrase and Make It a Part of You
Gipper - Why Do You Tolerate A Flakey Chick?
galactus - FEARLESS
Wyldfire - The 3 Keys of Success with the opposite sex...



Some things about attraction

Before you get to the next section on conversations, learn how to attract. This is the first step. 

Week 3: Day twenty-six

Robert Jordon - The Ultimate Secret...
Gaming111 - Moods are infectious!
Virtuoso - The DJ Guide To Social Skills Part 1
Virtuoso - DJ Guide To Social Skills Part 2


Week 3: Day twenty-seven

Adonis - Seduction without Speed
hydroponically inclined - EREAKA! I've thought of a foolproof way into seducing a girl!!!
quietstorm - Ways to make your self more attractive
galactus - Eliminate All Her Other Options
Giovanni Casanova - Casanova's Guide to Humor
Nine Breaker - Something MORE than Confidence...


Week 3: Day twenty-eight

Rico - Smiling
Raoul -'ll make everyone wonder ...
BigDon - Humor = Confidence
bondjamesbond - How to ATTRACT women...........Part II
bondjamesbond - How to ATTRACT women......Part III


Week 4: Day twenty-nine

Makaveli - Signs of Attraction
trickynick - Kino makes all the difference
crowes22 - If you think she's playing games/mixed signals
Hidden-Danjer - How do I get girls? -Listen up!!!
T Dog - The Ultimate Kino Guide
Surfboard - Eye Contact (why it's important)



Conversations: Learn how to talk!

You have the girl listening to you. Converse well. 

Week 4: Day thirty

Pimpologist - Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part I
Pook - Womanese!
Peak - Anything...except for NO!
BGMan - Rule NUMERO UNO: Get her @#$% phone number!


Week 4: Day thirty-one

Pimpologist - Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part II
A Turtle Name Adrian - Conversation To Her Heart
DarkDream - Is not the idea that a person will love you for who you really are just BS?
Deagleclaw - The crook...
Pimpologist - Pimpolgy 101: Connecting Through Understanding and Relating Part I


Week 4: Day thirty-two

Pimpologist - Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part III
Poet - How to be a better conversationalist
Pimpologist - Pimpology 101: Assumptive Questioning - Part I
DJ de Florida - Initiating conversation........
Take No Dirt - What's past is pas


Week 4: Day thirty-three

Pimpologist - Pimpology 101: The Conversation - Part V
Master of the Universe - How to "Close the Sale" 95% of the time and get that date!
Pimpologist - How to get the # and split
disciple - Wanna know a quick, easy, fun way to get in some panties?
Sociopath31 - Guide to Listening



Sex tips and Long term relationships

Always take the initiative.  Girls love this. Never be forgotten.

More than a one night stand? A keeper? Be romantic, keep the girl. Don't revert.

Week 4: Day thirty-four

Sir_Chancealot's Advanced Sexual Techniques
terminator911 - Porn & Dating Women
Nine Breaker - The Long-Term Relationship
Take No Dirt - How to keep a gal

Krynnster - The smelling works... ooohhh yeahhhh!


Week 4: Day thirty-five

Krynnster - A long post about long-term relationships
Wyldfire - The Natural Progression of a Relationship

Deagleclaw - Become a GREAT lover!
Study: The female anatomy... (
Take No Dirt - Compatibility in an LTR
VeryBadGirl - An Important Part of a LTR: Friendship



The end.


Few get to this point.

Getting here symbolises that you are willing to try anything for

as long as it takes


The "I finished reading all of this" thread. Post your experiences and thanks HERE!